Online iPad Course for Students

Online iPad Course for Students


This course is specifically designed for students in Years 3-7+ who need to learn to use the iPad as their ‘best friend’ in the classroom. This will teach them in interactive lessons how to activate text-to-speech not just of general text, but also in image PDF documents, how to use text-prediction properly, how to record their ideas without needing to spell one word, and how to move documents and photos in and out of a variety of apps. The course is designed for the student to watch alongside a parent who can guide them through the processes. The videos can be paused and rewound as needed to ensure students are following the steps so that they can independently use Books, Text-to-Speech, Claro PDF Pro, Notability and a text prediction app in class.



Equipping students to make the best use of the iPad in the classroom for reading and writing.parent with child learning to use ipad

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