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Text Prediction is familiar to us because it is a built-in feature of text-messaging software today.  As we start to type a word, options come up for the possible words that the software ‘thinks’ we want to use. We can then tap on the word to add it to our message for fast communication. When using this software for students with literacy difficulties we need a phonetic and contextual text predictor, and we need to teach students to copy the word into their text, rather than tap it in. This way they are afforded the opportunity to learn the correct spelling.

Which students would benefit from using Text Prediction?

  • The bottom 50% of the class when it comes to spelling and writing.

Benefits of using Text Prediction

  • Faster writing
  • Ability to copy correct spelling quickly
  • Preventing spelling error
  • Independent writing
  • Greater complexity in vocabulary- students can use words they would normally avoid

What software is used for Text Prediction?

  • Read&Write
  • ClickerDocs
  • Spell Better
  • iWordQ
  • Clicker7

Text Prediction is incorporated into each of the ATapps online courses.

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