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A Bit About Julie

Julie Tasker is an Assistive Technology Consultant and Specialist Literacy Teacher operating at two locations in Brisbane (Milton and Petrie). She has fourteen years’ experience teaching in Catholic and Private schools in both Zimbabwe and Australia as well as experience running Teacher Training workshops and seminars in a range of topics including Dyslexia and the use of Assistive Technology in the classroom.

Julie is an expert in the field of assistive technologies and a champion of the cause in meeting the challenges of dyslexia. As a family with a dyslexic child, Julie has helped us successfully navigate through a daunting myriad of apps to select those most appropriate for our son in meeting the challenges he faces both inside and outside the classroom.
Julie has opened out eyes to a suite of technologies that have been created specifically for dyslexia and shown us how Cooper can leverage off them to support his current and future needs. Cooper enjoys using I Read Write, Audio note and more recently Explain Everything. Cooper finds the lessons with Julie, fun, interesting, and interactive.
After years of struggling to read and write, these apps have given him a sense of confidence that has until recently eluded him. Tasks including homework, previously seen as a struggle are now less challenging for both parent and child and have translated into him achieving more in the classroom.

L & A Percy

The importance of early intervention

Research is clear: the earlier that students begin intervention, the better their academic outcomes. As soon as we see students struggling to master the alphabet sounds, learn sight words, spell basic words and having difficulty reading, and avoiding reading activities, we need to act. We know that when students have difficulty acquiring literacy in the first few years of school we need to do things differently. We need to use a systematic, multi-sensory approach to teaching reading. Cracking the ABC Code is our program of choice and personalised lessons are conducted with the child and the parent. The program is intensive, because we need high intensity to create lasting brain change. At the completion of the program, if there is a remaining gap, we use assistive technology to close that gap for students in the classroom.

Who needs to use AT?

The bottom 50% of the class should be using Assistive Technology.


In today’s classroom we have a fixed curriculum that needs to be covered in a set time-frame with set standards expected to be achieved by students. Students with learning difficulties or disabilities/differences will find it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the set outcomes, which is why they should be provided with assistive technology.

A.T. is not an unfair advantage: one of the oldest forms of assistive technology is glasses. No-one would say that a person wearing glasses has an unfair advantage over someone not wearing them. In the same way, using text-prediction or speech recognition is not an unfair advantage to a student using it.

Types of AT

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is becoming a mainstream tool: many of us use it today!  This technology is ideal for those students who are not able to spell phonetically or those with persistent writing difficulties as well as those who have a physical impairment and may have difficulty typing.

Voice Capture

Many students have all their ideas in their head but will struggle to get it down onto paper. Voice Capture allows them to speak what they know, without spelling one word, for continual reference when writing which supports memory and makes the process easier.

Phonetic Text-Prediction

Every day we use text-prediction when writing text messages. Phonetic, contextual text-prediction has incredible potential to develop spelling skills, whilst at the same time allowing students to write more, faster.


What students and parents are saying:

My name is Zander de Vries and I am in year six. I have had Dragon since June 2017. I had a lot of trouble using Dragon it made me feel annoyed. So my mum organised some lessons with Julie. I have learnt about different types of commands to say Dragon, to speak clearly just like a news reporter and how to correct errors or mistakes. Now I feel ready for grade seven. I think this is a good idea for anyone who has disabilities writing or typing to use Dragon. Thank you Dragon and Julie.

Julie is wonderful. Our son was years behind and in the past 15 weeks we are now only a year and half behind. It is a wonderful program that the he loves doing and is not a struggle to do everyday. We are so happy with the improvement and he is happy as well. Thank you so much.


Our youngest child never appeared to keep pace with classroom learning. My concern was the problem seemed to be getting worse each year, and as a parent you just want the best for your child.
Julie is knowledgable, a professional and has assisted our son to develop the skills he needs to learn in today’s classroom setting. But most importantly in a way our child enjoys.
Within a short period of time we have seen great improvement.
Thank you Julie


Our daughter has always struggled with her English – be it reading, spelling, comprehension and has been in Learning Support for this for most of her school life. During this year we were recommended to see Julie as we were becoming worried about how far Evie was falling behind her peers. We couldn’t be more pleased with Julie and her amazing program – Evie is now reading confidently, spelling and happy to have a go at figuring out words to pronounce – something she wouldn’t even attempt at the beginning of this year. Julie has given us great tools and methods to take forward both at home and in the classroom – we have now started a typing program she has suggested also. We are truly grateful to Julie for the confidence she has instilled in Evie and cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Julie, we have loved working with you!


Thank you sincerely for your time and knowledge today, one of the boys said on the way home “Mum that is really going to help me!” which made me smile. We are very lucky to have found such great advice.

Book with screen and tools

Our daughter was struggling at school and ALL the teachers said “oh she’ll catch up, they always do”. But I knew it wasn’t right! Her self confidence was deteriorating at such a fast pace… Until we met Julie! She let our beautiful girl release her frustration in our first meeting and then guided her through her feelings of inadequacy with such positive reinforcement … and made it all seem like fun. She has come ahead in leaps and bounds with Julie. It’s been hard work but SO worth it !

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Julie is amazing! At the beginning of Year 1 we realised our daughter was struggling to read and Julie was recommended to us. Julie did an assessment and it was not the best our daughter could only just spell her name! Julie introduced her to learning in a fun way that made sense. The workbooks, Cracking the ABC Code teamed with Julie’s awesome teaching style have enabled a very positive outcome. My daughter is now at the end of Year 1 yet her skills are well into Year 2 this has taken hard work and commitment yet totally worth it. I’ve also learnt alot from Julie (other than verbs & nouns!) that not every child can learn from the mainstream schooling system yet there are options out there.


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