Touch Typing

Can your child type at speed using all ten fingers?

Touch-typing is typing at speed using all ten fingers whilst looking at the screen. In today’s world, with computers used in most jobs, touch-typing has become a core skill. Every student needs to touch-type, and those with learning difficulties/disabilities need to learn this skill more than others.

As soon as children start to use a keyboard, they learn bad habits of ‘poking’ with their fingers and learn two-finger typing very fast! The longer they do this, the harder it is for them to learn correct finger-placement for touch-typing. This is the reason that students need to learn to touch type early.

When students are using an iPad or tablet, they must use a Bluetooth keyboard- this allows correct touch-typing, and makes the screen bigger.

Recommended typing speed targets

Year 3 Speed wpm: 15
Year 4 Speed wpm: 20
Year 5 Speed wpm: 25
Year 6 Speed wpm: 30
Year 7+ Speed wpm: 35

Touch Type Read Spell

Touch Type Read Spell is an award-winning structured, multisensory program to teach students from age 7 to adult how to touch type at the same time as developing spelling and reading skill

The program runs online and teaches ergonomic touch typing using all ten fingers. After only 15 minutes of practice a day, results are evident after 2-3 weeks.

Students see their results improve quickly and are then self-motivated to keep going.

Why use TTRS?

AIM FOR 15 minutes a day
5 days a week
Start Typing today!

The course begins with the vowels – a e i o u – learning to touch-type, read and spell these 5 letters/sounds. In the next lesson students are introduced to “onsets and rimes” e.g. ‘ten, pen, den, hen’. This teaches phonics in context while at the same time the student is learning to touch-type with opportunity for lots of repetition. It is this repetition that moves the words from short-term to long-term memory.

The program is multisensory – the student sees the letters in the colour and font of choice; hears the words through headphones; touches the keys and when they say the sound as they type they add another sensory input.

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