iPad Bootcamp for Teachers

Making it easier to support all learners in your classroom.


Most classrooms today have iPads available for students to use, however, many teachers are not aware of how to best use them to support students with learning difficulties/differences.

Learn how to meet the needs of every student in your classroom using the iPad and this toolkit of apps.

Course Syllabus

Here is a practical course to equip teachers to use iPads to support the bottom 30%- 50% of students in their classroom.

Lesson 1: The Basics

Introduction, basic settings for safety and accessibility and using Guided Access.

Lesson 2: The iPad for Reading

Download an eBook into iBooks; activate text-to-speech for words/ sentences/ the whole page. Learn how to help students access a webpage and tips for using Safari.

Lesson 3: Claro PDF

Claro PDF Pro is an amazing app because it can do so many things to support students with literacy difficulties in the classroom. See the basics of how it works and start to use it yourself.

Lesson 4: Going Deeper with Claro PDF Pro

Learn more about Claro PDF Pro- scanning documents to create text PDF, taking photos and working with other apps in conjunction with Claro.

Lesson 5: Notability

Notability allows us to capture everything we know about a topic without spelling one word correctly. It is useful in many ways- from preparing assignments to providing a means for students to demonstrate their knowledge without writing.

Lesson 6: Writing on the iPad

Many students will be able to reach their potential by using the right app on the iPad to support writing. We have the tools available- let’s learn how to use them properly with our students.

Lesson 7: Going further with Text Prediction

See how Voice Capture apps work in conjunction with text prediction. See evidence of students work.

Lesson 8: More options for Text Prediction

Explore more text-prediction apps to use to support students’ writing on the iPad.

Lesson 9: Speech Recognition

Understand who should use Speech Recognition and what the options are on the iPad.

Lesson 10: Further Settings

See more settings that will have features that may be very helpful to your students.

Lesson 11: More Accessibility Apps

Today we have many options for converting image PDF to readable text- see different apps demonstrated to work out the pros and cons of each.

Lesson 12: Spelling on the iPad

See the Easy Spelling app demonstrated. Learn why we need customisable spelling apps and how to use them.

Lesson 13: Universal Design for Learning

What is UDL? Why is it important? How can I employ UDL principles?

Lesson 14: Creating books

Once students have done their writing in the text-prediction app, they can save their work in eBooks much like students use exercise books. Learn how this work-flow happens with Book Creator and Creative Book Builder.

This course for teachers is suited to those who are new to the iPad as well as those who are more familiar with it but don’t have the confidence to use it as an Assistive Technology tool to support struggling students.

Required Apps

The following apps are recommended to be downloaded to make the most of the Teacher’s Course:

Books (free)
Claro PDF Pro

Office Lens (free)
Creative Book Builder OR Book Creator
A+ Spelling Test (free)

Optional Apps

The following apps will be demonstrated in the course and downloading of them is optional:



Easy Spelling Aid

Voice Dream Scanner


The course costs $129.00  and upon payment users will have access to the course for 3 months.

“I was wanting to support students with learning differences, but didn’t know where to start. Being unfamiliar with the iPad, the iPad Teacher Course was the starting point I needed to give me the familiarity with features of particular apps and how best to use them. There are so many apps out there. This course presents the supported, quality apps that will meet the needs of many of our students with learning differences. Additionally any questions I had throughout the course were answered promptly…  Thanks Julie”


Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari are the best browsers to use to engage in the lessons.

Each lesson is made up for 2-5 ‘topics’ which are video tutorials. Most lessons will require approximately 10 minutes to complete.

It is best that you sit at a different device to the iPad you are using: this way you can watch the video tutorial and re-watch sections as needed, whilst completing the tasks on your iPad to achieve mastery.

Unfortunately not- this course is designed to teach students how to use the iPad.

When you purchase the course, you have three months access to the course material.

We would never want you to be unhappy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied that it meets your needs you can contact us within 7 days and you will receive a full refund.

Learn to maximise the use of iPads in your classroom to support the bottom 30%- 50%

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