Read & Write for Google

Learn to use the simple tools of Read & Write for Google to help you with all of your learning!


The Read & Write for Google extension in Chrome is a comprehensive suite of tools to support all learners – particularly those with learning difficulties.

As of 2016, Texthelp offers access to Read & Write on a PC, Mac, iPad and on Google Chrome for a $330 subscription for the year. The Extension is free for the first month, and after that, there is a subscription fee- but the text-to-speech feature remains accessible forever.

The Extension is free for teachers.

This software is ideal for students using Chromebooks, or those using Google Drive for their assignments.

The following tools are available in Read & Write for Google:

Course Syllabus

This practical course has specific activities to allow students to apply the tools to learn how they work and how to use them in a way that will boost their learning. The Extension is free for teachers and free for the first month. After that, there is an subscription fee- but the text-to-speech feature remains accessible forever.

Lesson 1:

Welcome to the Read and Write for Google online course by ATapps. Learn the basics of RWGoogle as well as some basic brain science!

  1. Introduction
  2. Loading Read and Write for Google Extension in Chrome
  3. Load R&W Google, Snapverter and Screenshot Reader to your Chrome browser.
  4. Text Prediction
  5. How your brain works
  6. Touch Typing
  7. Lesson 1 Quiz
Lesson 2:

Learn how to use the simplify and highlighting tools.

  1. Using Reading and Studying tools
  2. Text Prediction from summary notes
  3. Speechmaker
  4. Meerkat Quiz
Lesson 3:

Use Snapverter to convert PDF into readable text.

  1. Snapverter Part 1
  2. Snapverter Part 2
  3. Writing from your summary notes
  4. Collect the highlights from the information page
  5. Create a new Google Doc, and using text prediction, write your own paragraphs using the basic facts.
  6. Run a spell check and use text-to-speech to check your work.
  7. Snapverter Quiz
Lesson 4:

Further tools

  1. Vocabulary tool
  2. Create your vocabulary summary and put each word into a sentence.
  3. Screen-masking and Summarising
  4. Highlight and summarise information
Lesson 5:

Learn a different way of organising information- in a Coggle Mind Map with Speech Recognition. Practice writing from your notes using text-prediction.

  1. Mind Mapping with Coggle and Speech Recognition
  2. Create your own Coggle Mind Map
  3. Writing from your notes
  4. Run a Spell-Check and Sounds Like-check on your writing.
Lesson 6:

Practice makes perfect- and you need to be an expert at opening PDF through Snapverter to use R&WGoogle tools for your learning.

1.  Revision Activities

Lesson 7:

Creative Writing using Storybird

  1. Download the PDF of an eBook and save it in your Google Drive. Open it in PDF Viewer (no need to use Snapverter) and read the book. Can you find my mistake?
  2. Use to create your own narrative. Use the text prediction tools to support your writing.
  3. Send a PDF copy of your Storybird book to ATapps.
Lesson 8:

There are just a few more tools to learn to master Read & Write for Google.

  1. Learn the final tools: Picture Dictionary, Dictionary, Translate, Websearch & Voice Note.
Lesson 9:

You need to be an expert at using RWG for accessing your PDF documents- here is one final practice.

  1. Final PDF document
  2. Complete PDF Document using all your tools.
  3. Email completed document to ATapps.
Lesson 10:

Complete the final quiz to earn your certification for this course!

This course aims to teach students in Year 4 and above how to use Read & Write for Google to support all learning.

Year 4+
Working on ChromeBook
Working in Google Drive
Working on Android Laptop
Student needing Text-to-Speech
Student needing Text-Prediction
Student needing support for study skills

It is highly recommended that an adult sit with the child when he/she is doing the lessons to help the child keep focused, help clarify points as needed and acts as a coach giving encouragement and support.

Lessons vary in length from 15 to 40 minutes.

Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari are the best browsers to use to engage in the lessons.

It is best that you watch the lessons on a different device the student is working on to make it easier to pause and re-watch the tutorial whilst completing the tasks. This way working memory will not be overloaded.

When you purchase the course, you have 3 months access to the course material.

We would never want you to be unhappy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied that it meets your needs you can contact us within 14 days and you will receive a full refund.

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