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Speech Recognition was first developed for paraplegics to be able to communicate. It has become mainstream today with call-centres using it to speed up services as well as many of us using it on our smart-phones, with the likes of Siri. We even have cars now that are listening for commands to be parked, or home-assistant services ready to turn the light on at our verbal command.

This form of technology is built-in to many devices today, however; for those students who need to use it, the best product to use is Dragon Naturally Speaking. Whilst some students may have success with free programs, they cannot be modified and ‘trained’ for their voices, and corrections are difficult to manage.

Dragon Naturally Speaking allows training for a ‘voice file’ to be created which is customised to one voice. When students spend time creating their voice file, and learn to make corrections in the recommended way, the program will be far more accurate to use.

The initial training requires some time and patience. Students need to learn the difference between correcting mistakes made because they have changed their mind about what they want to say, and mistakes made by the software- such as it writing ‘peace’ instead of ‘piece’.

Which students need Speech Recognition?

  • Students in Year 4/5+
  • Students with sufficient executive function
  • Students who aren’t able to type
  • Students who aren’t able to spell phonetically
  • Students with high levels of anxiety related to writing
  • Students who speak clearly and consistently

Speech Recognition is not suitable for:

  • Students with severe speech impediment
  • Students with difficulty formulating a sentence mentally

Speech Recognition Training

Training is provided in-person at either the Petrie or Milton office. Contact us to book an appointment.

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