RWG Lesson 7c- Writing in Storybird

Often creative writing can be challenging. Use to help you: it has stunning pictures to use as the stimulus for writing. Have a go at creating your own poem or picture book using their pictures together with our Read&Write for Google tools. When you have finished your book- send it to


RWG Lesson 7a: Creative Writing

Step one: Download this PDF of a book I wrote using Storybird. Save it in your Google Drive. Open it in PDF Viewer- no need to use Snapverter. Read the book- can you find my mistake?


RWG Lesson 5: More mind-mapping

Being able to create a mind-map from information you have read is a very important skill. The next step is writing paragraphs in your own words based on that information. Let us practice these skills here in this lesson.


RWG L4: Screenmasking tool

Some people find the Screenmasking tool very helpful when reading on the screen. Discover the different features and colours and explore if this will be helpful to you.


RWG L4 Using the Vocabulary Tool

Create your own vocabulary summary from the interest website and use text prediction to put each word into your own sentence. Remember you can send it to me for feedback: Click Next when you are done.

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