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Voice Capture refers to software that syncs annotations with voice recording. This allows students to capture everything that they know about a topic without having to spell one word. This helps students to record their ideas prior to writing to help them organise their information and it also provides memory support as students can listen to their ideas as many times as they need to for reference when writing.

Which students would benefit from using V.C?

  • ALL students from Prep onwards!

Benefits of using V.C.

  • Helps to organise writing
  • No need to spell one word
  • Excellent support for those with verbal strength
  • Scaffold can be imported for recording on top
  • Allows teachers to provide multisensory support to keep students on task
  • Allows for collaborative work in groups to capture all students’ ideas
  • Excellent way to study for exams

What software is used for Voice Capture?

  • Audionote- PC, Mac, Android or iPad
  • Notability- iPad
  • Echo-Smartpen (on paper)

Voice Capture is incorporated into each of the ATapps online courses.

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