Zoom lessons

Online solutions for teaching in 2020

With schools in Australia set to move online soon, teachers need to find alternative ways to continue teaching their students over the next few months. I have been using software to teach remote students for more than 7 years. Zoom is my recommended program at this time because it is so user-friendly.

The free account appears to be sufficient at this time, and I saw a pop-up in Zoom in the middle of March 2020 indicating that the full version of Zoom would be available to everyone for free to help people manage the COVID-19 challenge.

Here are two videos to show how to use Zoom to teach students in a one-to-one setting.

Top reasons to use Zoom

  • Free

  • User-friendly

  • Good quality audio

  • Good quality video

  • Interactive whiteboard

  • Teacher can control computer

  • Lessons can be recorded

Zoom on desktop

Zoom on iPad

Free resources to share with parents